True Representation
of Diversity 
Montgomery County is one of the most diverse counties in the nation. 51% of our population is non-white, and 1 in 3 of us are born in another country. This high level of diversity is one of our County's main strengths.
Unfortunately, our political scene has fallen far too short of properly representing our actual demographics, both in the electorate and in the body of elected officials. In both cases, representation skews towards elites belonging to a non-diverse political narrative. By and large, minority voters feel (and are indeed) neglected by office-holders ostensibly elected to represent them. The end result of this was made manifest in the 2016 election, where voter turnout was an abysmal 17%.
This is not an acceptable condition for Montgomery County. We at the Asian American Democratic Club aim to combat this problem through:
  • Engaging minority voters through voter registration and GOTV
  • Supporting diverse candidates running for office
  • Ensuring that minority voters have a voice with elected officials
Empowering Diverse
Montgomery County has a long tradition of local political activity, and that is reflected in its set of elected officials. However, this too often translates into entrenchment, with longtime career politicians ensuring that their generation and connections hoard the vast majority of opportunities while shutting out newer and younger voices. As a result, the old guard's outdated mindsets dominate our discourse, unable to adapt to our County's rapidly evolving conditions.
We at the Asian American Democratic Club of Montgomery County would much rather see our government be more responsive to the changing situation on the ground. This means electing office-holders who inherently embrace diversity and inclusion. We will support any effort to get the next generation to become more active, including training sessions and endorsements.
Solid Progressive Issues to 
Benefit Our Communities 
Although we understand that the Democratic Party is inclusive of a wide variety of voices at all levels, we at the Asian American Democratic Club are in support of progressive policies, especially concerning the needs of Asian-American communities of Montgomery County. Our communities have long felt ignored by elected officials, who have largely catered to the desires of developers and narrow interests in affluent neighborhoods. We would like to present an alternative vision that is in line with not only Asian-American interests, but also for working families of all backgrounds living in Montgomery County.
To that end, we favor the following positions:
  • Combating hatred and bigotry by ensuring justice for those who have suffered from discrimination and/or hate crimes
  • Strong and fully-funded public schooling all across the County
  • Enacting policies that support small business growth, including providing incentives and funding and eliminating bureaucratic obstacles
  • Free college tuition for Montgomery College and vocational training, to enable the next generation to improve our County
  • A living wage at $15/hour
  • Eliminating food insecurity, especially with children
  • Smart transportation across the county, with solutions ranging from BRT to bike paths

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