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Asian American Democrats Endorse Alan Bowser for Clerk of the Court

The Asian American Democratic Club of Montgomery County has decided to endorse Alan Bowser for the position of Clerk of the Montgomery County Circuit Court. As an individual with a long history of exemplary public service, Bowser will bring to the Courthouse the same sense of community engagement, transparency, and accountability that has characterized his extensive career. As a person of color, his election would prove to be a watershed example for other people of color to engage in politics and run for office.

Bowser’s principles are evident in his support for the Maryland Trust Act of 2017, which aimed to protect vulnerable immigrants from the onslaught of the xenophobic Trump Administration and the ICE. When Annapolis failed to enact it as intended, that did not discourage Bowser; instead, he continued to campaign for the protection of immigrants at the county level, campaigning to introduce and pass the Montgomery County Trust Act.

Bowser is committed to make the voices of the Asian-American community be heard. Being a person of color himself, he has served a diverse community in Silver Spring that includes Black, Hispanic, and Asian families, and thus has firsthand experience with the often precarious intricacies of intercommunity relations. By making the Court more accessible to the community, as well as bringing more diverse voices to the table, Bowser aims to make the justice system into a better reflection of today’s Montgomery County.

Furthermore, we at the Asian American Democratic Club of Montgomery County are concerned that no major sanctioned body of Asian-American activists have even bothered to reach out to Bowser for a potential endorsement. This reflects poorly upon our community, especially in light of the perception that Asians frequently discriminate against Blacks and Hispanics. As an independent grassroots organization with a progressive outlook, we are proud to be the first to break that stereotype and reach out to a Black candidate, which would prove to be a major step forward in mending Asian-Black relations.

For bringing both visual and substantial benefit to communities of color as an elected official, we endorse Alan Bowser.


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