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Asian American Democrats Endorse Krish Vignarajah for Governor

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Barnaby Yeh

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ROCKVILLE, Maryland: The Asian American Democratic Club of Montgomery County has decided to endorse Krishanti “Krish” Vignarajah for Governor of Maryland. Krish holds the distinction of being one of a few candidates who achieved a perfect score on our questionnaire.

As an Asian-American woman herself, as well as a young mother, Krish has a deep firsthand understanding of the values that undergird our communities, as well as the issues of concern to us. In addition to her policies supporting strong families, including solid primary and secondary education, a robust innovation- and infrastructure-based economy, paid family leave, and health care as a human right, Krish understands that the growing Asian-American population of Maryland, many of us foreign-born, is an asset to the state that cannot afford to continue marginalizing. This is why she is aiming for a more inclusive Maryland, where all of us have a voice at the table, as opposed to a handful of token members.

As governor, Krish will be the antidote to the moral cowardice shown by the Hogan Administration in the face of the increasingly inhumane policies of the Trump Administration. She has been opposed to the Islamophobic “Travel Ban” since the beginning, and she was a supporter of the Maryland Trust Act which protects immigrants from xenophobic federal policies. Whereas Governor Hogan has only given token support for immigrant rights under the cover of political expediency, bringing shame to all of us as Marylanders and Americans, Krish has always taken a principle stand, and will continue to do so as governor.

In line with her views in favor of inclusion, Krish strongly encourages people to organize without the need to seek approval, having their voices heard at all levels. As an outsider candidate, she is no stranger to the manufactured outrage of a political machine that demands the right to approve of grassroots organizations and candidates running for office. She believes that the Democratic Party is stronger with diverse voices, and will defend the right of all of use to speak out, whether from within the party or coming from outside.

In a time of unease, we are in need of new leadership that can represent our values, carry our voices to the forefront, and fight back against the assaults on our communities. We therefore enthusiastically endorse Krish Vignarajah to be elected as the first Asian-American woman to be Governor of Maryland.


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