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Asian American Democrats Endorse Lynn Amano for School Board

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

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ROCKVILLE, Maryland: The Asian American Democratic Club of Montgomery County has decided to endorse Lynn Amano for the MCPS Board of Education for District 3, which is on the ballot countywide. Amano is a longtime community activist in Montgomery County, and is bringing progressive values to the school system in hopes of improving the lives of students of all backgrounds.

As a wife and mother of Asian-Americans, Amano is intimately familiar with our cultures, experiences, and most importantly, our values emphasizing education as the key to success. Like many of us who grew up in the MCPS system, Amano is also aware of the inequities that have afflicted our schools, largely along racial and socio-economic lines, but also geographic ones.

An overlooked component of school board elections is the role that developers play, funding candidates who drive funding to high-income areas, particularly the south of the county. Amano has taken a firm stance against this practice, and for this we commend her. To this end, she advocates for a fairer distribution of school funds towards other parts of the county, including to places with established or growing Asian-American populations.

Amano is keenly aware of the incredible diversity that exists under the Asian-American umbrella, and is accordingly understanding of the various needs and desires of our different communities. Amano will not allow the narrative of higher-income Asian groups to dominate the voices of lower-income Asian-Americans, as has too often been the case.

Amano is a proponent of policies that boost overall school quality as a means of uplifting the conditions of disadvantaged students. To that end, she advocates not only enhancing the core curriculum, but also expanding Gifted and Talented (GT) programs with universal screening. She supports whole-school magnet programs that integrate underserved students with advantaged ones. To open opportunities for all, she advocates for the expansion of both college-level courses and vocational programs in high school.

As an advocate for safe learning environments, Amano is well aware of the effects that poverty, discrimination, abuse, and bullying have on a student’s education. Of special note is that she recognizes the deleterious effects of academic stress on students, a phenomenon that is highly familiar to Asian-American millennials. To address all this, Amano advocates the implementation of holistic approaches to conflict in school, including more counselors (at least three per school), restorative justice, training teachers to detect signs of conflict, and most importantly, a values-based early childhood education dedicated to discouraging bullying.

Amano is one who understands that the modern world demands high-quality education standards. MCPS is known for having some of the best public schools in the nation, yet not all of us who live here are able to reap its benefits. As Asian-Americans, we value education as a means to excellence, and we want Montgomery County, the most diverse in the nation, to remain as successful as ever. The key to that is improving overall funding and support for schools across the board on a just and equitable basis, so that all are fairly granted an avenue to success - the core of Amano’s platform.

It would therefore be a tremendous boon for the Asian-American population of Montgomery County to have one of the extended members of our community to serve on the Board of Education and advance these values. For this, we give Lynn Amano our full endorsement.


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