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Asian American Democrats Endorse Marc Elrich for County Executive

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Barnaby Yeh

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ROCKVILLE, Maryland: The Asian American Democratic Club of Montgomery County has decided to endorse Mark Elrich to be our next County Executive. Elrich has served the people of our county as member of the County Council, leading it in a progressive direction even in the face of opposition. At the same time, we would like to give an honorable mention to former Rockville mayor Rose Krasnow, who holds a long career of exemplary service and would be welcome as the first woman to be County Executive.

Throughout his career, Elrich has been well-known for standing up to unrestrained development in the county, which has demonstrably brought much harm to not only the environment, but also to working families, especially those in need of affordable housing, efficient transportation, and quality schooling. As proof of his principles, Elrich has not taken a single cent of developer money as Councilmember and as candidate, and in fact is one of few candidates in the race who have not received campaign contributions from developers. For this, he has come under relentless attack from this special interest group, as well as the candidates whom they back.

In contrast, Elrich has a plan that puts people first. As a former schoolteacher, he has firsthand knowledge of the importance of education, driving him to be a strong promoter of education policies, consistently calling for master plans for school funding. He and is also aware of how school quality is intertwined with economic status, and is likewise in support of a living wage that will ease the burden of families struggling to provide support for their children.

Elrich can be counted as a friend of the Asian-American community. Not only does he support issues of top concern to us, such as strong public education and minority-owned entrepreneurship, he has attended our cultural events and engaged directly with our members. Furthermore, he proposes a racial equity plan modeled after that of our neighbor, Fairfax County. We can count on Elrich to speak up for our communities, especially in the face of rising bigotry.

Marc Elrich has proven to be a solid progressive leader on the County Council, and it would be a tremendous gift to see him continue that leadership and integrity as County Executive. We therefore give him our full endorsement.


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