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Asian American Democrats Endorse Steven Cenname for MCDCC

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Barnaby Yeh

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ROCKVILLE, Maryland: The Asian American Democratic Club of Montgomery County is endorsing Steven Cenname for the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee. Cenname is well-acquainted with the dilemma facing the Montgomery County Democratic Party, namely the abysmally low voter turnout in the past four years. To rectify that, he aims to expand and motivate voter engagement with minorities and young people, a task he is suited to do, given his achievements in helping Salisbury University shed its infamous image as a politically apathetic campus.

The current leadership of the MCDCC has not lived up to its mission of increasing voter turnout, nor has it lived up to the responsibility of ensuring that Democratic politicians be accessible to the people. Yet, it still finds the time to attack organizations and people who only dared to speak their views outside the framework that they impose.

It has become clear that the MCDCC leadership has become too inwardly focused, looking out for its own narrow interests before the populations whom they are supposed to serve. This is a major part of why Cenname is running for the MCDCC: to help create a political climate that is more transparent and responsive to the people.

To that end, Cenname aims to expand voter outreach to the Asian-American population, which remains the demographic with the lowest turnout rate in the county, and is willing to pledge funding for forums and voter drives within our communities. Additionally, he proposes the establishment of more subcommittees for minority and young voters. He believes that local politics are enriched from having a diverse set of voices at the table, including organizations unchartered by the MCDCC such as AACD-MoCo. Finally, to increase transparency, he will propose the publishing of minutes on the MCDCC website. All of these are directly aligned with our mission, and we would be honored to work with Cenname in order to accomplish them.

It is time for new faces with new ideas on the MCDCC, and we endorse Steven Cenname to be one of them.


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